“Skyline3” 40 S/F Platinum Solar Water Heating System


“Skyline” Open Loop systems are recommended for non-freeze areas, 100% Run-By-The-Sun & SRCC OG-300 System Rated


Trim Color *

  • Musk Brown
  • Dove Gray
  • Custom (if you select custom, please specify the desired trim color during checkout under special instructions.

Tank Install *

  • Bottom Tank Install
  • Top Tank Install
  • Custom

Freeze Valve *

  • 45 F Freeze Valve (+$145.00)
  • 45 F Freeze Valve + Re-circulation (+$195.00)
  • None

2 to 4 People
Our most popular system, the “Skyline 5” is a Closed Loop with a 12 Volt PV panel powering a 12-volt electronic pump. It is for Hard Freeze Climates down to -54° F. It is SRCC OG-300 Rated and qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credits as well as State and Utility Rebates. The average system size in sunny climates for a family of 4 is 40 s/f. Cloudier and colder climates require more collector area. This closed-loop system circulates a special Non-Toxic Antifreeze solution through the collectors and then through a Heat Exchanger in the 80-gallon storage tank.

These Premium Platinum kits are our Exclusive “turn-key” systems that virtually eliminate the need to go to the hardware store! It is the most complete “Internet kit” available on the market today and includes Custom design and installation help, free trim color choices, special pre-soldered tempering valve, tubing insulation, polyurethane caulk, spray paint, and other items to make the job easy. If you want to focus on the installation and not what you need to get, this is the kit for you! Don’t be fooled by the low price of a stripped system, our system kits include the parts you would have to buy anyway and at a lower cost.

  • SRCC and FSEC Collector and System
  • Certifications
  • Attractive! with 12 trim color options
  • 100% Freeze Protected closed loop
  • 30% Federal Tax Credits
  • 100% Run By The Sun
  • Made In USA
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly

Additional information
Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 15 × 12 in

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