America’s Easiest to Install Solar Water Heaters!
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America’s Easiest to Install Solar Water Heaters!
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Skyline® solar water heaters offer:

  •  Light Weight Collectors (19 & 38 Lb)
  •  12 Architectural Trim Colors
  •  Low-Cost Shipping
  •  Freeze Protection
  •  Zero Pollution, Renewable Energy
  •  20 Year Limited Warranty

Using Solar Energy from the sun to heat water is the best use of Solar Energy!

Today, millions of homes and businesses around the globe use solar hot water systems because they are so cost effective! And the government pays 30% of the cost of your system and other State and Utility rebates may apply. Solar Water Heating is the First Thing To Do!

What makes Skyline® Solar Water Heating Systems the clear choice?

Skyline Solar collectors are 40% lighter making them less costly and safer to install. These lightweight Solar collectors have less weight loading and structural issues and can be installed without roof penetrations. Even though our Solar collectors are light weight they are extremely durable. We are so confident about the quality of our Solar collectors that we provide a Twenty Year Limited Warranty. Our Skyline® systems have been tested to withstand hurricane force winds and our mounting systems are certified to 150 mph.

Skyline systems 3 and 5 are SRCC OG300 system rated which often qualifies buyers for rebates offered by Utility companies and many States. With the global focus on our environment, now is the time to purchase a Skyline Solar water heating system.

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