“Skyline” Islander 10 S/F Base A Solar Water Heating System


Introducing the World’s Easiest to Ship and Install Solar Water Heating System, 100% Run-By-The-Sun PV Pumped Open Loop System, SRCC OG-100 Collector Rated

Nothing In the World Compares to the “Islander” Solar Water Heater. It features a 100% “Run By The Sun” design utilizing high quality, made in the USA “Skyline” 10-01 collectors with all copper absorbers. They are very lightweight, architecturally attractive, high performance, SRCC OG-100 Rated, easy to install, and are tested to withstand winds over 150 MPH.

This specialty low-cost system is designed for all completely non-freeze areas of the world. Its small size and lightweight also make it the only solar water heating system practical to ship anywhere in the world.

The overall system is exceptionally easy to install because there are no heavy tanks on the roof above the collector. The Skyline design results in low roof loading and a much safer installation. The Collectors connect to an existing or added 20 to 50-gallon tank depending on the size of the collector array as specified in the sizing guide.

All needed solar side parts are included to do a simple installation to an existing or added standard 20 to50 gallon water heater. The Base kit includes all specialty parts. CPVC is often used to connect the 10 and 20 S/F Base “A” system.

Additional information
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 22 × 5 in

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