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All solar water heaters need a tank to store the heated water as well as a backup. The backup can either be the same tank, another tank or a "tankless" water heater. You need at least one gallon of solar storage per square foot of collector surface area and more in warmer areas.

It is desirable that your storage tank be at least 50 gallons, although 30 or 40 gallon water heaters can work well with a single panel. Generally, the larger water heater the better. The standard, easy to make, installation connections are all made at the bottom of your tank.

Simply drain the water out of the tank, remove the bottom drain, insert the connection components in its place and tighten. The complete, preassembled open loop tank connection unit has a "hot" collector return tube that goes into the tank when inserted through your tank's bottom drain hole. You will need enough room around the front area of the tank to allow for the installation of components. Usually, 10 inches is enough.


Read the RHEEM Heat Exchanger Brochure

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Above and below are examples of heat exchangers



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