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This residential configurator is designed as a helpful guide, and may not necessarily meet your needs.
Prices shown are as accurate as possible, boxing/shipping will be additional.

Please Note: Items in Systems vary by Package Level, see: "Skyline" Systems Summary

ALL of our "Skyline" Systems qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.
If applicable, certain State/Utility rebates require what is called an OG-300 system rating in order to qualify for the rebate. See here for more info regarding potential rebates in your state/utility:
For an Open Loop (Tropical or Temperate climate) system, our "Skyline3" has the OG-300 rating.
For a Closed Loop (Hard Freeze climate) system, our "Skyline5" has the OG-300 rating.

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Types of Systems for Different Climate Zones

You can determine if you need to order a Tropical, Temperate or Freeze system using these charts. Over 90% of the US is a hard freeze area.

If you are in an area that may be Temperate, go to your city or area and look at the lowest average temperature, then go 20 degrees lower. If it is below 30 F, you are in a "Cusp" area and may need a hard freeze system unless you are willing to drain and blow your systems collectors clear of water if a freeze is expected.

If Average Daily Low Temperature minus 30 degrees is less that 30 F, be aware that you are still in a marginal zone. This means you will probably be OK with the Temperate system but may be subject to freeze damage in your coldest weather, which may occur over 10 years or so. Some Temperate areas are more or less subject to wide swings in "Coldest" temperatures, so check your local weather data history if in question.

Below are Examples of Weather Charts From

las cruces   gainesville  

Las Cruces, NM (Hard Freeze)


Gainesville, FL (Hard Freeze)

  san diego   orlando  

San Diego, CA

(CUSP: Temperate/Freeze)


Orlando, FL

(CUSP: Temperate/Freeze)

  miami   key west  
Miami, FL (Temperate)

Key West, FL (Tropical)


Find the weather data you need at


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