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Below are pictures of Tom Smothers meeting with the family of Founder and President, Al Rich


Tom Teaching Yo-Yo to a delighted Tommy Rich

smothers 3

Tom with Ashley Rich, SolarRoofs' Executive Administrator


Tom with Katherine Rich, now a Sophmore at Principia College, Elsah IL.

smothers 4

Tom with Clark Rich, a Senior and on the Cheer Squad at El Camino HS, Sac. CA

smothers 5

Tom and Tommy Rich, now a 6th Grader at Mission Av Open, "The Amazing" Elementary School.


smothers tribute


We want to pay tribute to Tom Smothers for being an early advocate of solar water heating. He installed a total of four solar water heating systems at his award winning winery, Remick Ridge, in the early 1980s. We truly appreciate this foresight and support for the solar industry. After over 20 years, the six collectors on his Sonoma home had seen better days and needed to be replaced.

Tom contracted with Rick Turley, owner of “Advanced Alternative Energy Solutions,” to install a Pool Heating system and repair the water heating system. After a solid effort to repair the collectors was unsuccessful, Tom chose the Skyline 20-01 collector to replace the old ones. The collectors were installed in "dove gray" to match the color of the roof. Installing the Skyline collectors was easy, but getting the heavy old collectors off the roof was not!

When the job was completed, Tom kindly gave us two CDs and a DVD of his and brother Dick’s Comedy Shows. On the drive back, I put in a CD so my assistant and good friend, “Solar Bob,” and I could listen to it on our way back to Sacramento. I remembered loving to watch “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” but it had been awhile so I had forgotten what a treat I was in for.

Bob and I laughed so much that, as we neared the end of the two-hour trip, it was almost hard to drive. “Funny” is a complete and total understatement as we rediscovered the best and funniest comic genius of all time as well as a study in perfectly amazing comic timing!

A word of caution: It is good that listening to The Smothers Brothers will make a trip go by much faster. However, I recommend great caution if you choose to listen while driving. Tears of laughter can blur your vision and convolutions resulting from utter hilarity can make you look very scary to other drivers!

Please, VIEW THESE LINKS, Smothers Brothers & Logo Shop. Go to the Smothers Brothers website to buy some tapes and relive their remarkable and legendary comic genius! Also check out their great Remick Ridge Wines! I have always believed that laughter is the “best medicine” and these tapes are absolutely the most laughs you will ever have at any price!


Have Fun!
Al C. Rich


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