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The Fireball 2001 Solar Water Heater panel diagramed



The Skyline® 10-01 and 20-01 collectors are specially designed to be very light and very tough. For high performance i

the collectors use a "Thermafin Crystal Clear " absorber coating with low emissivity and high absorbtivity for maximum performance. The inside walls of the collector feature a quality aluminum foil faced isocynurate insulation. The unbreakable Polycarbonate Glazing is very light weight and extremely tough. A unique and exceptionally strong mounting rail and sandwiched bracket system completely supports the width of the collector. The results are a high performance, ultra strong, ultra light weight and easy to install collector.


The glazing or "window" to the collector takes the brunt of the harsh sun's rays and traps them inside to create a greenhouse effect similar to what is experienced when getting into a car with its windows closed on a sunny summer day. This glazing has an insulating effect that traps heat better than glass in cold weather. It is much lighter and will not break like glass. The glazing is 10 or 20 square feet of a tough 6 mill (1/4") double-walled polycarbonate material with state of the art UV-protective surface treatment. It is factory guaranteed for 10 years against discoloring or loss of transmissivity. Useful life extends over 15 years with low cost and easy replacement.



Designed to emulate a skylight in appearance and construction, the Patented frame and trim are made out of professionally finished bent 27 mil aluminum with ultra strong sandwiched mounting brackets. Special color keyed steel Hex screws and aluminum rivets are used as connectors. High quality 1 " foil faced polyisocyanurate foam core insulation is used for the backboard with 1/2" on the top and bottom sides.



The solar absorber, so called because it absorbs the sun's energy, is a proven all copper, "serpentine" design with the highest quality "Thermafin Crystal Clear " absorber coating.



For complete information on tanks and backup to existing (electric or gas) or added solar storage tanks



TANK CONNECTION UNIT (System 1, 2, and 3)

This high quality copper and brass unit allows for the quickest possible connection of the collector feed and return lines to the storage tank. This unit causes the existing "backup" tank to directly capture solar heated water. It is equipped with two shut off "isolation valves" to quickly close off the solar loop if needed or to allow the complete drainage of the solar loop for freeze protection through the two drain valves (hose bibs) mounted directly above the isolation valves.

The solar circulator is mounted on the collector feed line directly above the hose bib. A low point tank drain hose bib replaces the tank drain. On the roof, mounted at the outlet of the collector is a safety pressure relief valve and a high point air or coin vent.

A passive brass "Thermal Freeze Valve" option is available for light protection against freeze damage to the collector in open loop systems. This valve opens when temperatures go below 40 degrees, causing warmer water from the bottom of the storage tank to go through the collector. A check valve on the hot collector return side of the Quick Connect unit causes the flow of water to be mostly through the collector feed line and thus through all the collector tubes.


SYSTEM 4 and 5 Freeze Protected solar "Closed Loop" systems using the

Rheem / Rudd 80 Gallon Heat Exchanger tank


The very efficient Rheem /Rudd Heat Exchange Storage Tank, has a huge heat exchanger coil rapping around the inner tank. It can be used on its own or as a two tank installation for gas, propane, oil or electric.  The author's family of six in Carmichael, CA just uses the upper element for backup and turns off the element for 100% solar during the summer!

The "solar loop" is charged with food grade Propylene Glycol through two hose bibs, which have a check valve between them.

A unique check valve prevents cooler glycol in the collector from causing a reverse flow of fluid at night from cooling the water heater. Included on the solar loop, usually mounted below the pump, is an "Expansion Tank" which is very important to allow for the expansion and contraction of the glycol in the closed solar loop. On the roof, mounted at the outlet of the collector is a safety pressure relief valve and a coin vent to allow trapped air to escape at the high point of the solar loop.




Standard high quality pumps are quiet and have a long life with low power consumption. Systms 2 and 4 use 115V AC units that come with built-in line cord for easy connection to the control system. All Pumps are permanently oiled and do not need any service.


Reliable 12 Volt circulators only need 10 to 30 watt PV panels depending on application. An optional freeze sensor attaches to the hot "out line" just as it leaves the collector box. This sensor closes at 40F for Recirculation freeze protection which is used extensively in mild weather conditions where temperatures occasionally dip below freezing (to as low as 20F for a few hours). It is used for a higher level of freeze protection in light freeze areas than the thermal freeze valve allows. A transformer is used to power the pump in freezing conditions at night.




The piping consists of 1/2" outside diameter (3/8" Nominal) soft copper plumbing tubes. Connections are made using standard brass compression unions. 50' of tubing is included with the kit.



(System 2 and 4)

An electronic differential temperature control is designed specifically to regulate a solar system's operation. Its basic function is to monitor collector and storage temperatures and to automatically turn a circulation pump ON or OFF at the appropriate temperature differentials. Only the highest quality controllers are used.

Two sensors perform the temperature sensing function. One is placed at the bottom of the solar heat exchanger tank, up against the outside of the core of tank. The other sensor is placed just inside the collector through the absorber hot out hole. The sensors are directly wired to the differential controller box.





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