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California is clearly the leading state of the solar revolution in America

by all accounts. Many important decisions are being made

about solar rebates and energy strategies in the state's capital, Sacramento. According to an article published by Sacramento News & Review on 4/20/06, Sacramento is the "number one community in the nation for solar installations." This assertion was backed by SMUD executive Jon Bertolino, who created a map of Sacramento showing the growing number of solar installations in the county.

SMUD has been a big supporter of solar by offering rebates and developing its own "solar farm" at Rancho Seco, the former nuclear power plant shut down by Sacramento voters in 1989. Other big

solar projects in Sacramento include Cal Expo, which is home of the

biggest solar parking lot in the world and the upcoming Arden Fair project, which will become the biggest solar installation in town.

Despite its abundance of trees and shade, Sacramento is an ideal "hotspot" for solar delevopment since the city has an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. Many incredible solar developments have taken place recently in the capital of the nation's most powerful and populated state. Here are some highlights:


4/27/08 - Sacramento Bee quotes SMUD statistics that in 2008 so far

plans by local commercial, government and nonprofit organizations for solar installations represent 30 times the amount of solar power (17.1 megawatts) than any previous year.

4/4/08 - SMUD announces it has entered an agreement with Utah-based home builder Woodside Homes to build 1,487 solar-powered homes in Rancho Cordova and Rancho Murieta by 2012.

4/2/08 - Sacramento Business Journal reports that Sierra College has

been awarded a $470,000 grant by the California Community College Chancellor's Office for training students on how to install and use solar equipment.

3/28/08 - Sacramento Business Journal reports that the City of Sacramento will receive $200,000 from the US Department of Energy

for expanding solar development throughout the city. Sacramento was

named one of 12 "Solar Cities" in America by the DOE.

8/21/06 - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs his "Million Solar Roofs Plan" which calls for one million solar roofs to be installed in the state by 2018, providing 3000 megawatts of power.




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