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SOLAR WATER HEATING is committed to improving the environment with clean, renewable energy. Solar Water Heating directly reduces pollution.

In the United States most power plants utilize fossil fuels to produce electricity. Fossil

fuels such as natural gas and oil come from the remains of plants and animals that

have stored energy from the sun and have been buried in thousands of years worth of layers underneath the Earth's surface. The burning of these materials can drive large turbines that generate electric power. At the same time, the burning of fossil fuels releases "greenhouse gases" into the Earth's atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include

carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases.

The emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has led to an average increase

in the temperature of the Earth's surface and oceans. This rise in temperature has

paralleled the development of the industrial world and has steadily increased since the

middle of the twentieth century. This effect is known as "global warming."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 39% of energy consumed in

America is used to generate electricity. A growing understanding of global warming is

leading many utilities across America to incorporate clean, renewable energy sources

such as solar into their infrastructures. Since solar energy does not use fuel combustion

to generate power, solar energy does not contribute to global warming  and is therefore

an environmental-friendly power source.








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