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The Heart of the Skyline collector is the High Efficiency all Copper Thermafin Absorber with "Crystal Clear" Coating and an Unconditional 30 year Warranty!

    Thermafin™ Solar Copper Absorber Plates - Molecular Bonded



Why are Thermafin OEM absorber plates the best in the world?

Originally founded in 1979, AET/THERMAFIN is American owned & operated by a group of solar energy professionals with a total of more than 100 years' experience in the field.

The manufacturing firm has the distinction of producing the world's finest and most efficient solar absorber products. Its reputation for excellence is based on its exclusive, durable high frequency forge welding process and superior performance of its proprietary Crystal Clear™ solar selective coating.

copper absorber



Strength & Durability

Exclusive Thermafin processes assure the world's finest welded and brazed joints. Heat and pressure are the secrets to the exclusive Thermafin forge welding process that is renowned for its high performance and durability.

brazed cross section  
    Cross Section of Brazed Joint  
    Efficiency & Performance    

Efficient solar energy absorbers begin with high thermal conductivity between the fin and tube. The Thermafin welding process actually makes the tube one with the fin and creates a joint at least two times wider than the thickness of the copper fin, resulting in a clean, uninterrupted heat path unlike any other.

Thermafin absorbers have no soldered or crimped seam joints to weaken or fail. The forge welding actually strengthens the joint area, unlike other welding processes, such as ultrasonics, which causes a weakening of the fin around the joint area. Thermafin uses the world's finest solar selective coating on their absorbers. The revolutionary Crystal Clear™ coating was developed by AET/Thermafin as a collaborative effort working with Coating Industry Professionals from broad based backgrounds.

Crystal Clear™ is environmentally benign and boasts an emissivity of approximately 0.10 and absorptivity of approximately 0.95 !!!

fin tune weld
    Weld Cross Section  

Consistent Quality

Your valuable time shouldn't be consumed by quality problems. Consistent high quality is a hallmark of the AET/Thermafin absorber production process. The only of its kind on the Blue Planet, the Thermafin welder processes all-copper welded solar fin tube at 250 feet (76 m) per minute...each foot exactly the same high quality as the one before. Pressure testing and quality inspection procedures further assure the finest solar absorber products available. In addition, AET/Thermafin is the only manufacturer that backs its fin tube with an exclusive, unconditional 30 year warranty!


The photograph at the right is of a fintube cross section (magnified 46 times) shows how the high frequency forge welding process provides complete and permanent bonding of fin to tube as evidenced by the grain growth across the joint. The photograph shows the end portion of an actual fintube. Superimposed rectangle shows area of magnified photo above.

tfin weld  




Efficient solar energy collection starts with high thermal conductivity between fin and tube inside the solar collector. For lasting performance and durability, this fin-to-tube joint must be highly conductive and strong enough to endure the unrelenting torture of the sun’s rays - which can cause other types of joints to weaken, expand and pull apart.


Will the solar system you're considering still heat your water after 1 year?...5 years?...30 years?

The high frequency weld of our fintube joint insures high efficiency and unsurpassed strength. There are no solder or crimped-seam joints to weaken and fail.

tfin tube  







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