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Skyline® 20-01 Internal Return Collector for Commercial Applications

Skyline® collectors are available with the absorber tubes going through the end of the collectors so the “Throughput” collectors can be joined to an end “turnaround” collector. Up to 5 “throughput” collectors connected to an end collector can be used for a run up to 72’ in one direction or 144’ when Tee’d in a side by side configuration. The feed and return tubes going through the sides (ends) of the collectors can be either 3/8” or ½” nominal sweat couplers or ½” or 5/8” compression unions. Default is 3/8” nominal sweat for up to 4 collectors and ½ nominal sweat for 5 and 6 collectors in a row. Half inch nominal can be specified for any number of internal return collectors in a row.  





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